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Your License Exam.

Taking your License Exam
The thought of taking an exam puts terror into the hearts of many people. The best way to avoid the terror is with good quality exam prep. The more you prepare for your exam, the easier the whole experience of testing will become. Taking exams is all part of working in the skilled trades. As you gain more knowledge and experience in your craft, you can raise your level of recognition within the skilled trade community. Passing higher levels of exams and gaining a higher level license or certification will often get you more responsibility and more money.

Preparing for your Exam
The time and effort you take to prepare for your exam will dictate your success when you take the exam. The first information you must know is what to study. Place a call to your state, county or city and ask for a "Candidate Information Bulletin” or “CIB.” The CIB will have lots of information about the exam. The CIB should include a breakdown by section what the content of the exam contains.  Be sure to get a list of reference books used on the exam.

The CIB should also contain information about the location where the exam is given, if the exam is open or closed book, if you can use a calculator, what the passing point is for the exam and, most important, what if any reference books will be allowed in the testing room.

The Day of your Exam

The most important thing to remember is get a good night’s sleep; trying to take an exam when you are tired is not a good idea. Remain calm - as soon as you start to panic, it will be more difficult to concentrate on completing your exam. Be sure to eat something before you go to the test center.


Be sure you know how to get to the testing center. If you are not sure take a drive there a couple days before so you are not searching for the building the day of the exam. Also, find out where to park - this can be a problem - looking for a parking place at the last minute and being late for your exam.


Exams can be given in several different forms. Your exam could be given on paper from an exam booklet and separate answer sheet, or your exam might be given on a computer. Computer-based testing is becoming more common. This type of exam is very easy to take and will require reading the questions on the computer screen. When you select your answer the computer will record it and at the end of the exam the computer will score your exam. If your exam requires drawings to answer some of the questions, the drawings might be viewed right on the computer screen or a separate booklet might contain the drawings. If you are not given the drawings needed, be sure to talk to the test proctor of the exam with your concern. Computer-based testing allows you to flag a question you want to come back to in order to review it or answer it at a later time.


If your exam is given on paper, be sure to take lots of sharp pencils with you; you do not want to waste time going to sharpen a broken pencil. If your calculator uses batteries, be sure you have a new battery.  Some test centers will furnish scratch paper, but remember they will want it back. Be sure to find out the amount of time you are allowed to take your exam then divide the time by the amount of questions - that will tell you how long you can take to answer each question. These are a few tips that might help you with passing your exam.


Please remember that study aids from the Water Closet are not allowed in the test centers. Leave your practice exam in the car or at home.


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